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Hélène de Monteynard

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I was born in Paris where I’ve lived throughout my life. After a career in Marketing for a large magazine group, I decided to pursue my interest in arts and crafts..

Stained glass is an art I have a strong passion for, due to its mystery and colours as well is the technique used. A visit to Sainte Chapelle in Paris takes you on a journey of light and incredible colours and had never failed to move me

Fascinated with this old form of art, I decided to become a stained glass maker and to share my passion with the world through my work.

I apprenticed at "Au Passeur de Lumière" studios and have gone on to gain my experience in creating different styles of stained glass from different eras. It thrills me to use the same techniques that have existed since the Middle Ages. Nothing is more rewarding than making each piece by hand, from the design stage to the cutting and sometimes painting stage till I have a finished product pleasing my clients. After obtaining my diploma as an 'Artisan of Art', I decided to create my own studio..

A true work of art, stained glass brings the warmth and magic of light to your home in an original way, always pleasing the eye.

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