Le Passe-Vitrail

Hélène de Monteynard,
artisan stainedglass - Paris

Artisan d'art

Backlit Paintings

Letting the magic of light blend into your home
blend into your home.

An original backlit painting in your home can be a unique and beautiful work of art.

As original, hand-made pieces, these backlit paintings combine tradition with modernism while diffusing warm and cozy light. A stained glass window is inserted into a frame equipped with LED lighting.

These pieces can hang on the wall, sit on an easel or even be placed on furniture. They are entirely versatile and can be changed as per your mood, accenting a room with formal, elegant lighting one day, warm hues another.

Listen to your envies, your passions, your emotions.

For stained-glass on sale, prices quoted on our website are in euros and do not include delivery costs.
Stained-glass not any more available can be made on demand.

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