Le Passe-Vitrail

Hélène de Monteynard,
artisan stainedglass - Paris

Artisan d'art

The process of stained glass treatment

A fully certified French Artisan, we use the same stained glass making technique as was done in the middle ages.

Photo 1 : The design is drawn on cardboard as a guide to cutting the pieces of glass. Simultaneously the colours of the glass pieces to be cut are selected.

Photo 2 : The cardboard is cut into pieces with scissors or a sharp cutting razor to serve as a guide to cutting the glass pieces. Glass is then cut to be placed on the model.

Photo 3 : The painting and the 'cooking' based on what is needed.

Photo 4 : Each piece is carefully set in a lead frame. The pieces are then welded together bonding them in into one stained glass piece.

Photo 5 : Stainedglass is finish.

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